Sunday, November 21, 2010

Compelled By My CHAZOWN

Dear Friends and Fans,

Gosh! I don't even know where to start... I have been missing in action huh? LOL. Well ACTION is just what I've been up to. I had to go back and read my past blogs this year and how I explain my struggle to continue my success and maturation as a person. I have sooo many great things happening around me. My " Library of Life", is what I called it in one of my blogs. I have books of ideas all organized and waiting to be noticed. How do I get noticed ALONE? As you find success, it becomes difficult to find MORE successful one's to imitate, learn and grow from. I have accepted the fact that I cannot make ALL my dreams come true without others. OOOOO those OTHERS! OUCH!!... that requires TRUST and to me equates DISAPPOINTMENT. I had to sit back and think about all my VISIONS and discover their common PURPOSE. I'm working that everyday as well as PRIORITIZING. The UNCERTAINTY is STIMULATING my every synapses, hence, COMPELLED by my CHAZOWN. I have started my book. I have the title, cover, and PAGES of thoughts that have forever been chattering and debating in my mind. I hope soon to have these organized into an outline and off I go!! Much of my writing energy and thought has been going towards THE BOOK. I have decided to jump up my websites! I will probably merge to one. I'm going to bite the bullet and drop a couple (more) grand into someone who can make something happen. I need running backs not scorekeepers!

So, if that is not time consuming enough, I am still running a business, doctoring and mentoring others daily and making a difference in others lives! GOD! It's wonderful to breathe the air!! I have had some fans speak of a RUMOR that I have retired from competition... LIVING is a competition, and my physique is MY TEMPEL! I can PROMISE you this... I will always be on a STAGE... maybe not FLEXING my muscles... but ALWAYS flexing my HEART! I have applied for the Arnold Classic. The competitor list should be out a week before Xmas. My physique is its best yet!! I'm still Olympic Lifting... 270 lb deadlift, 210lb clean and jerk...

I appreciate your support. Know that, " I am doing Great Work".
Happy Thanksgiving! XO

"Disturb Us"

When we are too well pleased with ourselves

When our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little

When we arrive safely because we sailed too close to the shore

Face your FEARS!!! They aren't as scary as you think!!

Your Pro,

Dr. Dena

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free Falling

Dear Friends and Fans,

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I'm going through a personal growth spurt. I really do enjoy these. They are scary and painful, but I enjoy the feeling because I understand why it is there and from this point on hope to not feel it but be able to empathize with others. But... I learn from this, so I can direct others. To be a leader, you've had to WALK in those SHOES! So, " give it to me"!

I started healing others with my hands and energy @ the age of 22. Dr. Frederick Freed, DC hired me as his office as a back office assistant. I was so excited! I remember rolling around in my yard with excitement. My chance at a real job. I worked with him for 7 years while I worked on my AA and BS. I always knew I was placed here to help others. I told my mother, at a young age, I was going to be a doctor and bodybuilder... LOL. She loved the doctor part and eventually respected and admired the bodybuilder, because she knows me. Well in these early years of life, I discovered something very quickly. I discovered that by the time people got old ( 45-60)...LOL... remember I'm 22 at this time... they were very unsatisfied with life. I found a common denominator here. It included the following: Spouse, children and job. I decided way before this moment that I was not going to get married or have children. I was fortunate to have experienced and judged that at a young age. So, the job? I would have control of, BUT I would become an employer. Whoa! To me... that is a major commitment I will stand by. In my opinion, an employer is responsible for more than 1/2 of an individuals happiness and that is IMPORTANT!

So, I'm in my early 20's and discovering all these issues "Adults" are having. How can this be eased, or yet, prevented? One thing I knew for sure is that, I didn't want to wake up at the age of 45 and wonder "Who am I" and "What have I done with my life". I correlated this with individuals who got married early in life and became a wife and mother before they became a whole person. The children hopefully fly the nest and you look in the mirror and wonder " who are you"?

I came up with my own theory here on how to chronologically mature, and have been living it. Your teens are out of control emotions are flying, fitting in, and being accepted... Yuck! Your 20's... you couldn't pay me with hind site to relive! Who am I. What am I suppose to do? Your 30's... now you're talking. I think it was about the age of 32 that I caught a glimpse of someone in the mirror. Not sure who it is, but I see it's reflection, briefly, but it has me curious. It was 35 when I started finding myself starting back in the mirror trying to figure out what is in those green eyes. I think there is something in there trying to talk to me. It was my person and soul wanting to connect, but could only connect with the introduction of the individual. I started to feel the strength I got out of the relationship between those two indentities discovering each other as a child, an adult, a bodybuilder, a doctor, and yet a person.

I have been so looking forward to my 40's... which is 5.5 months away. I have always pictured this as a time, if matured chronically correct, is filled with self understanding and love, and an establish profession with endless happiness. I'm here feeling pressed for time and have saved the best for last. I'm being slapped across the face time and time again with the one thing I have saved for last. I see it though... and kinda like the challenge of over coming it.

As far as my physique and training. It is all off the hook. Bodybuilding has taught me a way to live my life. Thank god that stuck forever because at times that is my only unconditional love.


To have courage, to live positively in the optimism and to believe that the worthy, the good and the decent will prevail is the great human obligation and constitutes that rare quality known as LEADERSHIP.

I'm in a state of falling. My arms are open and chest high... frightening but free, as I approach the next decade of my life.

Your Pro,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Library Of Life

Dear Friends and Fans,

I've been over here just amazed at how the pages of life start forming your own personal biography. As I get older and more wise, my chapters start to develop. In my quest of self understanding and completeness, I've discovered another part of myself... My thinking process. I get questions all the time on how I handle everything I do. Kris, my assistant, actually helped me with this just by having to now communicate with someone what is on my mind. I have been so busy for the past 7 years that I have organized a growing library in my mind. I told Kris that I expect her to read my mind....LOL... It shouldn't be to difficult because I think aloud.

People always tell me to slow down and smell the coffee. I wrote in a blog some time ago stating that successful people don't sit around at the beginnings to smell coffee? Coffee is a luxury after the work! I have really been thinking of this... my daily thought process. Today... in my today, I'm remembering yesterday to improve tomorrow. I am a person that wears many hats and these hats are novels in my Library Of Life with pages and pages waiting for my experiences. I discovered all of this when I found my self answering questions and ideas Kris had. For example... bought that book but haven't opened it... which means it is a thought in my mind but lower on to do list... dog eared that page... a thought that I have developed some formula for but moderately low on to do list... on that page... working on that as we speak... starting that chapter... action in motion. is up but not developed. I'll keep up posted on that site or check up on it for yourself. You know what two of the best feelings are? Knowing you make things happen and appreciation for priceless time. We are forever changing... ride the wave... if you fear change, you can only tread water... CATCH A WAVE DUDE!

My Olympic training is off the chain. I'm having a great time and my physique is just stellar. You can see the videos I have on the beginnings of my lifts... I'm getting better. I have such respect for this sport. I preach body mechanics and posture all day long and practice it in my daily life... in Olympic lifting, it's all balancing your center of gravity, strenght, technique and flexibility. What I feel most fortunate about is that I can work with someone who is so experienced himself with the lifts; he is a wonderful coach, and in my state of excellence... it's hard to find someone to respect and take guidance from AND make more improvements than expected. Thank you Mr. Justin Thacker. Check this link out. This is how the lifts are and how my work outs go. The athletes in the gyms here are executing the moves I do in training. It gives me goose bumps to watch.

" You Make Choices, And Your Choices Make You"
PS. I'll be or 590 am The Fan this Sunday @2:30

Your Pro,

Dr. Dena

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dear Friends and Fans,

It's amazing how you can wake up one day and have a totally different perspective on things. I'm beginning to think this is called maturing, but I'm not sure yet...LOL. My goals and focus is so different now than it use to be. The past couple of years I've been trying to figure out how to bring all of my talents into 1. I plan on doing that via Westerfield Health Center, Inc. I'm trying to figure out how to get the Westerfield Health Center, Inc. site up and operating with purpose. I've been branching out of my comfort zone of the gym and reaching out to the community more. I definitely have to gingerly test the waters. How do I do this with out being the big dog scaring all the birds off??? My whole goal has been to attract individuals with my physique, but learning how to use it in the correct manner is being implemented at this moment.

I've had a couple of busy weeks and weekends. Logan Chiropractic College, , had their 75th anniversary homecoming 2 weeks ago, and I attended the weekends events and seminars. It was great to be back... I have a new assistant. her name is Kris. She has been a great help and is going to help make this metamorphosis possible. She was at the Logan Homecoming with me. I wanted to get her exposed to my profession. It is a big responsibility of mind to make sure I educate her properly on what we are doing. It is a big task. It's not like I have office time to talk to her about what Chiropractic is about, so this was a great time for her to get her feet wet. It was kinda funny... in one of the seminars, we were watching a digital image of the foot in motion, and Kris got pale and cold and said " OMG that grosses me out!" I though nothing of it until it happened again a couple days later...LOL. On break, I asked her what it was that made her feel sick. The fact that the neck is cut open and you can see all the tissues and blood? No, she says, it's the BONES! I said you work for a bone doctor and bones make you want to pass out???..LOL! We haven't had any issues... I should go set my spine next to her desk and see what she does...LOL..

My training is off the hook! I'm strong, hard , full, thick. The Olympic is helping me in so many ways. It's getting rid of all the cricks!!! I'm now banging out all the over head moves. i hope to get some video of this soon.

Hope you all are listening to the Fit Bods Show Sundays 2-3. I'm on every other Sunday. I have notes in the Westerfield Health Center portion of the site.

It's off the chain hot hot hot in the STL. Thank God it only last for a couples months. AHHHH Fall will be here soon.

This is a pix of my back last week and me with Dr.'s Liz and George Goodman President of Logan College.

Your Pro,


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Dear Friends and Fans,

OMG! Yes, it's a blog. When I disappear for a bit there is always good reason. I enjoy writing in my blog. I like to have time to think and write about true events of my life. I never just want to hurry up and write whatever. I have so many areas of focus in my life that take a lot of my time, without those areas, I wouldn't have anything to write to you about.

Cyclone huh?? Well, a cyclone blows through and rustles everything up, but itself is a very organized system. I must admit that every year gets more challenging, but in a good way. You know there is a happily ever after behind the bodybuilding curtain and that curtain surrounds a beautiful ballroom full of life accomplishments, individuals I've touched and and people who have always believed in me.

My training and physique is off the hook. I've been working with an Olympic lifter, and his technique is just what I've needed. I'm just piling on the clay!!! It's amazing how much my physique can change without much change in my body weight. I train on Mon/Thurs with Olympic trainer, Sat I train at home with my friend Patty, and with X Rams player, Rik Wilson, on Sun. I'm continuing to learn how to feed my muscles. the main thing for me is to keep full with the carbs in addition to my species Isolyze, carbolyze and Mac oil. I decided not to do the Tampa show. I weighted out the possibilities of me qualifying for the Ms.O ( top 3) and decided that expanding on my key growth time right now is more important. I'm counting on Stryker having the Phoenix show in Feb. It was a great show for me last year although I didn't qualify (Placed 5th), I stood on stage with 4 of the best in the world, and the show was very well ran!!! Plus AZ is just beautiful. AZ would definitely be on my list if I would ever consider leaving Missouri and the STL....NOT!!!!...LOL

I have finally started the organization in my office and have a new assistant starting this week Tuesday. I had a new front desk built this weekend for her, and we are both excited to continue the success of Westerfield Health Center and my Life Style Management program. I've been getting out in the community more to reach out and and make others aware of me and Westerfield Health Center. I'm actually leaving the house after this to attend the Masters Olympics. My training partner, Rik, has a client competing. It's an opportunity for me to see how my bulletin board physique works. Jack( jacked up Divas) and Ann (IFBB Figure Pro) Titone have started a radio show here Fan Radio 590am. It is on Sundays 2-3pm CST. Fit Bodz fitness talk. I am on the show every other Sunday @ 2:40pm talking about sports related issues. The lines are open for questions live. listener line 314-969-0590. I was on last Sunday, so I will be on next Sunday June, 06 @ 2:40, but listen to it to day too and see what you think.

The computer that had the FTP program to get info to Colette is down. I have to figure how to get it up and which computer to use. I'm not a huge computer person, so I do need to find help and time to mess with it. Good news though is I should have it done by the end of weekend, and I'm expanding the web site with lectures, videos and health topics making Westerfield Health Center portion more informative. I hope with Kris in the office, she can help with my video editing and galleries. There is light at the end...!

My dog HALO is still my dream. She is just beautiful, confident, proud, kind and loving, a pretty girl with a tom boy heart...LOL reminds me of some1 I know!

I thank all of you that do continue to support me at my highs and lows. I plan to soon make everything worth it! Enjoy the summer!

" A Fit Person has control of their life and a positive mental attitude" work on being fit and everything else just falls into place. It starts with YOU!!!!

Your Pro, Dr Dena

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Stratifying

Dear Friends and Fans,

Well, my 13Th placing at the Ms. International was not an upset to me. I actually learned a lot and got a whole different perspective of my physique. I couldn't have done anything better. I made great improvements to my legs and came in fuller and harder... what more could I ask for. In my mind, I'm already #1. To hold down the life I have, and still make improvements to my physique and be able to bring it in show shape to the highest level show in the sport...! I ask and expect nothing more. The show was wonderful as usual. The stage was just awesome this year! It was great back stage just being a team. We all are friends and support each other and realize that we are all here to put on a performance. I got a chance to get to know Zoa Lindsey over the past 2 months. She was in Phoenix too. She is really down to earth. She and her husband, Joseph, helped me get around the shows and were there to support in anyway. Thank you and I appreciate that. I got to know Jeannie P better too. What fun it is to get together with your bodybuilding pals and just be people. We don't sit around and have meat head conversations all the time. Jeannie and Zoa both talked with me about my diet and really helped me stay full and even better for the Ms. International. Hey Jeannie, thanks for helping me with the night show.

I really had to sit back and think about what my physique needs and if I'm willing to put in what it is going to take. Well as usual... legs and still what I call " stuffing in the pillows". I've realize now I need to call that stuffing DENSITY! I put the comparison up of me and Dayana. She is top in the world... her physique shows that. I'm not sure if my physique will even be able to carry that or achieve it. I'm really not sure if that is what I want out of my physique. I do have other purposes for my physique that doesn't require that. I love the shape of my physique when I stand alone and in real life... there are no comparisons . I definitely need to think outside the box for a bit. I ate more getting ready for theses past 2 shows than I do off season. I have to start eating to grow. I plan to still train with Rik Wilson ( X Blues hockey player) and to work on that thickness I hunted down an old patient and associate of mine, power lifter Justin Thacker, " Thacker". . I sent him pictures of my physique next to other women and he pointed out just the things I was thinking I needed. We will start with our thickening workout "power lifting style" next week. I plan to spend 2 days in the gym just chiseling out my arms, shoulders, calfs and abs. The goal of course is to get better not injured that's why you go to people who specialize in what you are doing! I'm excited to get started.

I'm going to do all of this and continue to grow the practice, everything is just going great! The weather is sunny and 70. WOW... It couldn't get any better.

I'm going to hold off on the NY York show to make improvements. I'll be spending some time in Florida in July! Tampa here I come again!

Special thank you to my posse,

Ron and Leigh
Beth and Milton
Big Brian
Your Pro,
Dr. Dena

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5th Place Phoenix Pro!

Dear Friends and Fans,

I was happy with my placing @ the Phoenix Show. It kinda stinks that they aren't able to qualify 4Th and 5Th for the Olympia since 2 of the girls were already qualified, but "oh well" my day will come to stand on the O stage again. StrykerX really did a great job with the show, and I would encourage anyone to compete in his shows. He is working on the Arizona Grand Prix that will be a couple weeks before the Olympia and there will be women's bodybuilding. He is really trying to pull the sport out, and I thank him for that and his hard work over the weekend. It is appreciated.

Of course, I come to a full office of patients which is a great thing but on the other hand I'm running around like a crazy woman living out of a suitcase...LOL. It usually takes me a couple to get totally out of my suitcase after a show, but now, I just leave it out with alot of the things still in it to fill it up and leave again for the Arnold Classic. I'm running some pretty busy days in the office this week and working on bringing my physique back together. I think this is the only time I've hit shows this close, so it's something different and not sure what to expect. I came home with like 9 days to prepare and with a busy work schedule leaves me doing things like writing my blog @ 12:15am while on the treadmill...LOL. Really! I have totally learned to multitask everywhere. I will audit my patients accounts tomorrow am during carido.

I'm working on filling out and staying lean. I do small pump up workouts and cardio everyday and concentrate mainly on the glute ham tie in. I'm back up to 145. I was about 140 on stage. I'm really looking forward to another Arnold Classic. It's really alot of fun. I'm finished by Friday with competing, so after that it lots of work and a little play. I have a couple of shoots and interviews planned, and I hope to have HBO by my side filming my story. No matter what it is going to be a great weekend. I'm hoping for a top 10 placing here. I placed 9th here last year, but the line up is a bit more challenging and leaving me to battle it out with again Veteran's. I try not to sweat the small stuff. I'm there, have supporters and friends and time off work. LET'S PLAY!!!

The computer I use to FTP died yesterday, so @ the moment getting things to the site aren't easy. I'm sorry. I am working on it; it's on the list of many things to do in the countdown.

I'm pleased with my look here in the pix I chose, but of course can always be better. Let's see if I can pull it a little better. Keep on pumpin me up!!!!

Your Pro,